Sustainability. Community. Education.

Urban Eden believes that part of the solution to achieving food security is empowering the community. By engaging the population and identifying those things that matter most we can bring people together to do the work to ensure a prosperous future. Urban Eden Farms can offer comprehensive hydroponic workshops to build the skills necessary to grow in the urban environment.

Hydroponics 101

Urban Eden has put together a comprehensive curriculum designed to get you up and going quickly. The Hydroponic Workshop will provide students with the essential hands-on experience and course work to build and maintain hydroponic systems. The program will include two (4) hour sessions. Course content will cover types of hydroponic systems, propagation and germination, transplanting, system monitoring and maintenance, environmental controls, harvest, post-harvest and packaging. Instruction will include classroom lectures, open discussions, hands-on training, troubleshooting, and one-on-one instruction with the lead grower. Course work content will be provided in the form of an open lecture and a printed manual. Student will receive a class binder to consolidate program content. The program will also offer enrichment segments or internships for those individuals desiring to continue or enhance their skills and experience in hydroponic systems.

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Hydroponic Workshops

Urban Eden offers a comprehensive workshop on hydroponic growing. Get hands on experience in our indoor vertical farm. The workshop covers hydroponic system design, lighting, seeding, germination, systems monitoring, maintenance and much more.

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