Hydroponic Consulting

Regardless of the size of the project Urban Eden can find a suitable solution to achieve your goals. We can provide expert guidance in choosing the appropriate systems for your operation.

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Site Assesment and Feasibility

Urban Eden can explore the suitability of hydroponic cultivation as an alternative planting system for your CEA (Controlled Environement Agriculture) project. Our goal is to reccommend the most appropriate systems based on your specific needs.

System Design

Our hydroponic technicians will work to determine the most efficient systems and techniques for your particular project. Simplicity, ease of operation, higher yield, economic feasibility, and nutritionally superior produce are all driving factors when designing hydroponic systems.


Making the right choices in construction and technical solutions is the key factor in building a successful commercial operation in controlled environment agriculture. Urban Eden has the expertise to assist you in making the most appropriate decisions.


Urban Eden can provide comrehensive training for your staff. The training will include everything you need to know to run your systems effectively. Training sessions may include systems contruction, monitoring, maintenance and repair.

Hydroponic Workshops

Urban Eden offers a comprehensive workshop on hydroponic growing. Get hands on experience in our indoor vertical farm. The workshop covers hydroponic system design, lighting, seeding, germination, systems monitoring, maintenance and much more.

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