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Biophilic Consulting

The staff at Urban Eden has considerable experience in the design, installation and maintenance of living walls. From interior to exterior environments and freestanding to custom installations, our products are designed as reliable, easy-to-maintain systems for any type of project.

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Biophilic Design

Our staff of horticulture specialists and hydroponic technicians have experience in a wide variety of living wall applications. We offer both interior and exterior solutions to suit any project. From free-standing partitions to large custom projects, we're prepared to meet any challenge.
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IoT Technology

24/7 Remote Monitoring and Control
Living walls are monitored in real-time to identify problems and alert maintenance teams to protect plant health. Operating over a secure cellular data network, our advanced system of IoT sensors and programable irrigation controllers ensures optimal performance. Our integrated irrigation is extremely water-efficient. The system delivers the exact amount of water the plants require resulting in little waste.


The process of installation begins with the site assesment. Custom applications may require access to location plumbing. The irrigation system and controls are then installed followed by the primary system components. Most custom applications can be installed within a week


Urban Eden provides system service and maintenance for its' living wall products. Periodic pruning and trimming of the plant material is required. The necessary amount of nutrient is added to ensure optimal plant growth. All system components are inspected and cleaned by an experienced professional.

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Urban Eden supports our local food system by providing a variety of delectable greens and herbs to grocers, restaurants, non-profits and consumers. All produce is hyper local, very fresh, highly nutritious and pairs well with a variety of dishes.

Hydroponic Workshops

Urban Eden offers a comprehensive workshop on hydroponic growing. Get hands on experience in our indoor vertical farm. The workshop covers hydroponic system design, lighting, seeding, germination, systems monitoring, maintenance and much more.

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